Kodi 19: The Alpha 2 is here

Kodi 19 was released as the second alpha version

Kodi 19 is slowly preparing. Those who like to experiment can now test the second alpha version of the popular multimedia software.

The first alpha for the new version of Kodi was released in August 2020 – we reported about it. Kodi offers you the possibility to manage your media collection centrally and conveniently – be it photos, videos or audio files. With the help of Kodi, everything can be neatly managed and organized.

Since Kodi is available for a number of platforms, from Microsoft Windows to Android to Linux or even the Raspberry Pi, the software enjoys great popularity and a lively community. The Alpha 2 for Kodi 19 alias Matrix is ​​not aimed at the general public. The developers do not recommend using this to replace a functioning installation. “Alpha” should say it already: Kodi 19 is still in a very early stage and will contain bugs.

A lot has happened. The changes that have occurred since the first alpha can be seen in this changelog. What is new, for example, is that the playing time of an album is displayed in the info dialog with regard to music. In addition, you can now read album artwork and tags if the music is played via an HTTPS server. In general, there are other adjustments that improve the audio and video libraries.

Kodi 19 Alpha 2: There is still a long way to go in development

There are also improvements made specifically for the Apple TV. Some crashes were fixed there. Nevertheless, there are still a lot of bugs and problems, an alpha version that is not yet intended for broader publication has it all. So if you want to test a somewhat more stable version in advance, you should perhaps wait until Kodi 19 reaches beta status. Everyone else can get the free Alpha 2 here if they are interested.


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