Kogler: “A house search is not an indictment”

On Tuesday there is a hot dance in parliament – including a motion of no confidence against Finance Minister Gernot Blümel (ÖVP). Whether Blümel can stay in office will ultimately be decided by the coalition partner – the Greens. Party leader, vice chancellor and interim justice minister Werner Kogler (Greens) was in the Monday evening ZiB2 to guest.

In the case of Blümel, Kogler called for more restraint: “A house search is not an indictment.” The reporting obligations for the house search at Blümel were therefore not complied with because his accused status had previously been leaked via social media. Employees of the committee of inquiry must also have known this before Blümel.

“Members of Parliament are discussing this without me”

The fact that only about one percent of those accused by the WKStA are also convicted shows that “the judiciary works conscientiously,” said Kogler. “The point is that we strengthen the independent judiciary, fight corruption, ensure transparency and not lump everything together.” One should be glad that one has independent public prosecutor’s offices.

How do the Greens vote on the motion of no confidence against Blümel? “I ask for your understanding if you take into account the fact that I did not participate in the deliberations of the Green Group at all,” said Kogler. “Firstly, I don’t know and, secondly, I have no control over it.” He is not only party leader, but currently also represents the Minister of Justice. And it would be “important that the judiciary stays out of here,” he noted. The Greens and the ÖVP would “work together excellently” in “central areas” – from pandemics to climate protection – and they could “not always focus on just one part”.


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