Kogler and Gewessler emphasize “green handwriting” in the budget

The Greens boss was also satisfied with the bare figures – and pointed out that the item for climate, environment and energy will rise from 280 million euros (2019) to 681 million euros (2021). The area of ​​mobility is also part of climate protection, with an increase from 3.8 billion euros (2019) to over 4.6 billion euros. The Vice Chancellor also mentioned the funds for innovation and technology in connection with climate protection, an increase from 439 to 562 million euros is planned. “We also believe that we have our share in the fact that it came to this,” said Kogler. The dimension of the climbs was “gigantic”, he was euphoric.

As with Blümel, Kogler referred to the low interest rates as regards the rising debts due to the budget. “We’ll level off at 85 percent, I think that’s acceptable.” When it comes to interest rates, you’re still on the “zero line”. “Yes, that costs something now. But not to do this would cost much, much more. In my opinion, we will have a relatively stable interest rate trend in the next few years, so this is very, very reasonable.”

In view of the 2021 budget, Gewessler spoke of a “climate protection billion”, because a total of significantly more than 1 billion euros would be available for climate protection. In the budget chapter climate, environment and energy (UG 43) there will be 220 million more available next year than this year, in the chapter mobility (UG 41) 508 million and in the chapter innovation and technology (UG 34) 100 million more. Further measures in other areas would increase the funds to well over 1 billion.


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