Kogler: “Kurz’s environment understands power politics”

Chancellor Kurz can also be “quickly convinced by economic factual arguments,” so Kogler. And: “The Chancellor is not the bottleneck”. But the turquoise environment von Kurz understand the “craft of Power politics“. Kogler speaks of a “well oiled machine”. He does not elaborate on exactly what he means and criticizes. It is important to him that the Greens are now in a better position. “It’s about getting a little better every day.”

“The mounted police would be on patrol with the FPÖ”

Also means KoglerThat the freedoms granted to the population during the intensive lockdown phase were an achievement of the Greens: “It was we who enforced exit restrictions instead of curfews. Thanks to us that the app came on a voluntary basis is. ” The ÖVP on the other hand, I mainly “pushed the pace” Kogler, “which, when you look at the numbers, turned out to be correct.”

But the Vice Chancellor also had a few critical words for the previous government: “Walking, cycling and jogging would not have been possible with turquoise blue,” and “With FPÖ there would have been a curfew and the mounted one police would be patrolling the streets with the Kickl horses. “


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