Kogler to Blümel: Minister may “not fool the supreme court”

Vice Chancellor Werner Kolger (Greens) intensified the criticism of Finance Minister Gernot Blümel (ÖVP) after the late release of files to the Ibiza-U-Committee. “It is a lack of respect for the institutions, for the Constitutional Court and the Parliament. This is no fame and no small thing, ”said Vice Chancellor Blümel on Sunday via the“ Kleine Zeitung ”.
The constitution and the institutions of the rule of law provide the framework. A minister is not allowed to “fool a supreme court”. Blümel is now “responsible for the damage to its image”, says Kogler.

ÖVP in the “dead end”

There was also criticism for the coalition partner as a whole: “It is not the first time that the ÖVP has been forced to wake up on the right side when dealing with the judiciary,” said Kogler and in this regard, for example, leads the “excessive calls to the investigative authorities” , so the criticism of the economic and corruption prosecutor of Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) down, into the meeting. “That was a dead end.” But the Greens would secure independence in the judiciary.

“Fossil thinking” in the chamber

In terms of climate protection, he attested that “some institutions” such as the Chamber of Commerce “still have a lot of old and fossil thinking”. The ÖVP leaders, on the other hand, know “that we need a few modernization pushes,” said Kogler. In terms of eco-social tax reform, the “change of direction” is to begin in the first quarter of 2022. “We need more real cost of CO2 emissions, in return there will be a social redistribution and the work factor will be relieved – for example through a reduction in non-wage labor costs,” he argued.

He does not believe that there will be automatic tax increases, as emerges from a draft of the climate protection law from the green environment department. Before that, the measures would take effect. He said the same thing in the “Krone” (Sunday edition), although he specified there: “And even if: Then the gross fuel price would still be below that of Italy or Germany. You have to look at that before everyone faints because of old thinking. “

Digital competence for ORF

And when it comes to the ORF general director, who will be newly elected this summer, there is “no side letter with the ÖVP,” said Kogler. But two aspects are important to the Greens. On the one hand, the ORF management must master the challenges of the digital media world, on the other hand, editorial independence must be strengthened.


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