Kortrijk has a catering plan: “Terraces XXL”

The plan is called Terraces XXL. “We are going to make the catering terraces more spread out and larger, so that the catering industry will be able to receive as many people as before the start of the crisis,” says mayor Vincent Van Quickenborne (Open VLD). “Of course with respect for the distance rules. With larger terraces, such as at Heuleplaats. But also at all other terrace locations in our city.”

“In parking spaces or in front of the neighbors”

Pascal Devisscher of Café Den Hert in the municipality of Heule thinks there are various options for spacing the tables further apart.

“I may be thinking of taking up a few parking spaces. Or in front of the neighbors if that is allowed and possible. In the middle of the square there is also space that could be used for this. We are very enthusiastic that the city wants to do this. for us, during this difficult period that we still experience. ”

Terrace by terrace

The city of Kortrijk is now examining per location in the city how they can arrange the terraces corona-safe. Streets may even be closed to traffic for this.


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