KPN starts lawsuits over patents against Xiaomi and Acer

KPN is filing lawsuits against manufacturers Xiaomi, Acer, Coolpad, BLU Products, Bullitt Group and U-blox. According to KPN, the companies are violating at least two KPN patents.

KPN wants a financial compensation, the amount of which must be determined in a lawsuit. It also wants a court order that will halt further use of the technology. This is evident from documents submitted to a US court in Wilmington, Delaware.

Settlement with Samsung

The patents were already part of lawsuits that KPN filed against Samsung in 2014 and 2015 in a court in Texas. Samsung agreed at the time and concluded a license agreement with KPN.


Another patent covers methods and devices for transmitting data where errors can be detected. This patent was already part of 11 lawsuits from 2017, according to KPN’s complaint against Xiaomi. Three of these cases – against LG, HTC and Sierra Wireless – are due in mid-April.

KPN also accuses Xiaomi of using a patent for a computer that can remotely control other devices.

According to KPN, previous attempts to license the companies for the use of the technologies have failed.


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