KPN: two thirds of households on fiber by 2025

At present, KPN offers fiber optic to the meter cupboard in a third of Dutch households. From next year, approximately 500,000 new lines will be rolled out annually, the provider reports.

KPN speaks of a record number of new connections. In three years’ time, more than half of the Netherlands will have fiber from KPN in the meter cupboard, by 2025 this will be approximately 65 percent.

Acceleration due to corona crisis

According to KPN, the Netherlands is gaining momentum due to the corona crisis. This increases the call for safe, reliable and fast internet. “Good connections have never been more important than now. Never before have so many people worked from home”, says KPN CEO Joost Farwerck. “In the future, more and more devices in and around the house will be directly connected to the internet and all kinds of essential services – from healthcare to education – will be digitally supported. Then fiber optic is essential.”

Open to competition

KPN says it will continue to keep its network open for competing providers to offer telecom services. According to KPN, this assures consumers and companies of the freedom of choice, whereby the capacity of the network is better utilized. This also enables KPN to recoup some of the construction costs.


Fiber offers higher download and upload speeds. Competitor VodafoneZiggo is improving its cable network and is also offering higher data speeds in more and more cities. Ziggo offers the faster GigaNet via cable to more than 1.5 million connections. By the end of this year there should already be more than 3 million.


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