Kreidler Florett RM: cult bike in good original condition

When some of us were young, one of the hottest gadgets on the street was a Kreidler Florett. With its 2.9 hp, the Florett RM built from 1972 to 1974 reached a top speed of 40 km/h. You were in a different galaxy than on a bicycle.
Such a Kreidler Florett RM is currently being offered for sale on eBay. It looks pretty and is in good original condition as per the pictures in the ad. The price may seem proud at first glance. But compared to the market, it’s not that high.

Kreidler Florett RM on eBay

eBay Kreidler Florett RM Bj. 1974

At first glance, the price of 3000 euros seems proud. But compared to the market, that puts it into perspective.

This Kreidler Florett RM has spent a lot of time with the current owner

According to the advertisement, the 1974 Kreidler Florett RM ran 16,403 kilometers. The seller claims to have been in the saddle for 8,000 kilometers. He states that he has owned the foil since 1985. In 1986 there was a new fork from the Florett RS with a chrome fender. In the 90s, the owner exchanged the flywheel. In 2005 the offered Florett was painted and got new rims with new spokes.
eBay Kreidler Florett RM Bj. 1974
The offered Kreidler Florett RM should be in good condition. Rims and spokes are new.

The machine has not driven since 2007. According to the information, it has been stored in a dry basement since then. The seller describes the Florett as immediately ready to drive. Apparently she starts with no problems. The tank has been cleaned inside and the rear brake pads are new. The seller states three small flaws: The chain guard and the key for the handlebar lock and tool box are missing. In addition, some chrome has broken off on the seat. The price tag says 3,000 euros.
eBay Kreidler Florett RM Bj. 1974

Two can easily fit on the bench. When the Kreidler thunders off at a top speed of 40 km/h.

Here are basic tips for buying a historic moped

If you have the opportunity to park a historic moped in your garage, you can follow these basic buying tips. Especially if he (or she) does not yet have specific technical knowledge. First, you check whether the information in the ad appears credible. Was the machine actually built in the specified period? Are the technical details correct?
Then it is important to find out whether the seller makes an open and trustworthy impression when contacted. What can he say about the vehicle? How willing is he to respond to detailed questions from potential prospects?

Kreidler Florett RM on eBay

When visiting the site, it is essential to take a look at the papers. It should make the history of the two-wheeler comprehensible. Are the papers complete? How many owners have you had so far? What care was given to the vehicle and when? The test drive is the best way to show that the two-wheeler drives well, accelerates cleanly and brakes properly, to put it bluntly.
AUTO BILD MOTORRAD collected tips for used motorcycles some time ago. Here they are linked. Some of these can also be applied to mopeds. Incidentally, there is no shame in consulting someone who knows the ropes or an expert from a testing organization when making a purchase. On the contrary! If you get good advice, you will experience fewer surprises at best.

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