Kris De Bruyne, singer of iconic ‘Amsterdam’, passed away

Kris De Bruyne, the Flemish singer and musician, died at the age of 70 after a long illness. De Bruyne mainly goes down in history as the singer of Amsterdam and Dear Jacoba.

Grand artist Kris De Bruyne has passed away. That is reported by the musician’s management. He died surrounded by his family and had been ill for quite some time. It is not clear what exactly De Bruyne suffered.

From Wannes Van de Velde to Patrick Riguelle

De Bruyne initially started as a blues and folk musician. He was discovered by Wannes Van de Velde in 1967. At first he made music with a band, Lamp Lazerus and Kris, but he soon went solo. De Bruyne mainly focused on the autobiographical tour in his texts.

At the end of the seventies, De Bruyne took a musical break. His brother Koen had recently passed away from him and he dealt with the loss in the United States, among others. Returning was not easy, only after intensive collaborations with big names such as Patrick Riguelle he picked up his pace again.

Musical testament

De Bruyne has an extensive discography to his name, but his ultimate hit may remain Amsterdam from 1975. The nostalgic text earned him a permanent position in the Low Countries List of Radio 1, where he landed in second place in 2020.

That he appears three more times in the list, with Vilvoorde City, Dear Jacoba and What I live for shows the extensive oeuvre and testament of the Antwerp musician. He is survived by his wife and three children.


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