Kuo: iPhone 15 with USB-C instead of Lightning from 2023

The analyst Ming-Chi Kuo started a contradictory rumor: the iPhone after next will supposedly come with USB-C instead of Lightning.

Ming-Chi Kuo, the reasonably accurate Apple analyst, still sees USB-C instead of Lightning, but only in two years’ time in the iPhone 15. According to his surveys in the supplier industry, Apple would delete its proprietary port in the smartphones and up set the industry standard USB-C. At the same time, this would accelerate data transfer from the iPhone to the computer and shorten loading times. However, final numbers will depend on iOS implementation.

With the current rumor about USB-C in the iPhone 15, Ming-Chi Kuo does not contradict the existing consensus: So far it has been assumed that the iPhone 14, i.e. the next iPhone, will still be Lightning. However, Apple engineers are apparently working on speeding up data transmission at least a little with the old connector. If you consider that the Pro models can also shoot videos in 4K quality in Pro-Res ( a minute of such a video takes up 6 GB on the iPhone ) and Lightning still with USB-2 speed of 480 MB/s transmits data, such a revision is sorely needed. There is another reason for switching from Lightning to a standard connection: With the current legislation, the European Union wants to encourage all electronics manufacturers to use a uniform plug. Apple has less and less time to adapt. Even Magsafe, i.e. wireless charging, does not offer a loophole for this – the EU Commission also wants to take on the wireless charging standards in the near future.

However, USB-C as a connection form has its disadvantages, for example the plugs are slightly wider than the Lightning plugs in the iPhones. It remains to be seen whether this will lead to changes in the dimensions of the iPhone. In any case, the ever-increasing camera bumps on the back have long compensated for the slim dimensions of an iPhone.

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