Kylie Jenner ‘can go to jail’ after incorrectly reported ability

Kylie may turn to jail as the allegations of the business magazine Forbes turn out to be correct, reports lawyer Jan Handzlik Daily Mail. The magazine claims that Kylie and her team “faked tax returns” to boost her estimated fortune. “The US government may start an informal investigation and then a formal investigation,” thinks lawyer Jan.

According to the former federal prosecutor, a criminal investigation could even be started, which could put Kylie behind bars. If this investigation shows that she lied, there will be a hefty price tag. She sold 51% of her business Kylie Cosmetics to the Coty conglomerate for $ 600 million because the business was valued at $ 1.2 billion in value. If the numbers are wrong, she should pay back the difference.

Her deal with Coty raised questions Forbes. The turnover figures of sister company Kylie Skin also seemed to be incorrect. “It has become clear that the company has never been as big as we thought. That means Kylie has been lying about the amounts since the company started in 2016,” the magazine said. “We cannot prove that the documents submitted were forged, but it is clear that Kylie lied.”

Meanwhile, the estimate of Kylie’s assets has been pushed down to $ 900 million. The reality star herself is very shocked. “I thought this was a reputable magazine. There are some incorrect statement and unproven assumptions mentioned. I never asked for that title and never lied about anything,” she said via Twitter.

In the video below, you can see what happened when Kylie was given the title of youngest billionaire who made it on his own.


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