Lada 1200S / Vaz 21013: rustproof Lada in bright green

Lada travel is a matter of attitude. Connoisseurs love them uncomplicated constructed Russians who hard in the take are and with scary bad Streets get along just as well as with more adverse weather. Critics criticize the imperfect processingthat sometimes takes getting used to Material selection in the interior and that in comparison with competitors gruff Driving behavior.

Lada 1200S on eBay

At a classic like the one currently advertised on eBay Lada 1200S of the year 1985 you shouldn’t see it so closely, of course. the green limousine no longer has to be perfectly in the everyday life fit, but should reflect nostalgia respectively nostalgia of GDR appeal to passengers and viewers. An important one question But an honorable gray Lada also has to face the question of what is possible before buying it Rust attack. And that’s exactly where the advertised car could turn out to be interesting offer turn out.
eBay Lada 1200S-Vaz 21013

36 years in a garage should have ensured that the green Lada is completely rust-free.

The Lada is described as a garage car

Of the providers describes the green Lada 1200S of the year 1985 namely as Garage car. 36 years the Russian is said to have been kept in a garage for a long time and therefore rustproof stand there. This is interesting because it is generally true tan pest as the only real one enemy such a car. 35,143 kilometers are on the speedometer, owner According to the ad, it only existed so far a. Due to the age of the Lada, among other things new Brake hoses, a new Exhaust and a new one battery receive. the lighting has also been replaced. In addition, the from Fiat 124 derived sedan Oil change and new filter donated. transmission, engine and steering have been checked and, according to the advertisement, are in good condition.

The car is in Hanau, but is so far in Bulgaria ran. The Bulgarian papers match that H mark out of the way. Stand on the price tag 4400 euros.

eBay Lada 1200S-Vaz 21013
As with Porsche, the ignition key is to the left of the steering wheel.

The condition of the Lada must be checked carefully

The offered Lada 1200S should if interested in the context of a On sitesightseeing exactly under the Magnifying glass be taken. Not only do the very short description text and the shiny varnish appeal to this. The Russian engineers have that body of the Fiat 124 model for license production in Togliatti reinforced. In addition, that is sheet of the Shiguli thicker than with the Fiat. The reason for this may have been the quality of contemporary Russian roads. Today lovers can get over the high solidity the Lada body be happy if you rustproof is. Rotten it mean then more Sheets to increase the stiffness potentially more Rust nests.
eBay Lada 1200S-Vaz 21013

The interior of the Lada 1200S also looks very neat and clean at first glance.

As mentioned, you can use the corrosion confidently as the only serious enemy of the manufacturer’s official nomenclature WHAT 21013 look at said cars. Technically is the Lada like that simple set up that you can look at it even without Vehicle training or for years Screwdriver experience can do some things yourself. In addition spare Parts do not cost the world and are available in large numbers.
eBay Lada 1200S-Vaz 21013

The green paint shines in the light and the body of the Lada seems immaculate.

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