Lada Nova Kombi (VAZ / WAS 2004): Was this a Stasi Lada?

Ladanovadriver are a special genus. Just as they resented their cars with stoic equanimity Road conditions and worst Weather conditions endure, forgive stiff ones Steering and rough Driving behavior. What counts is the security that you are arrive will. Together, if necessary with some technical support from the driver. But always reliable.
While the Nova had few friends in the old Federal Republic, the Russian hurried in the GDR a reputation rather than sporty vehicle in advance. the Serial version had more than twice as much power as the Trabant. In the variant VFTS dominated the Lada rallySlopes beyond the iron curtain practically at will. The dark side: That Ministry for State security (MfS) of the GDR liked to drive Lada. Possibly also the one who is currently at eBay for 8800 Euro offered for sale? According to the seller, the paint in the color Indigo blue suggest.

Lada Nova Kombi / WAS 2104 in indigo blue on eBay

eBay Mercedes G 290

Anyone who wants to turn this wheel in the future should be able to reach quite a lot.

The Lada was built in 1989 and has not run much so far

According to the ad text, the 70 hp strong Lada Nova station wagon 1989 walked off the line. the First registration took place on July 28 of the same year. On the speedometer are manageable 66,934 kilometers. The seller calls it State very nice and well cared for. That will be with a large number of images occupied, which show the Lada from all angles apart from the underbody. According to the information, the station wagon recently has one huge service with new ones tires, Oil, Brakes and a new one ignition receive. All settings have also been refreshed. the H decrease took place recently and the TÜV is new.
eBay Mercedes G 290

Outside and inside, the Russian seems to have neither damage nor any signs of wear.

According to the provider went 99 percent the Lada delivered to the GDR in the Color indigo blue to the one there Home Office or the Stasi. They were called in many cases Escort vehicles used for parades. It cannot be verified whether this is actually the case in this case. But presumably the seller can provide information on this in a personal conversation.

Lada Nova Kombi / WAS 2104 in indigo blue on eBay

eBay Mercedes G 290

The photos in the ad show a Lada Nova station wagon in an apparently excellent condition.

You should know that about the Lada Nova before buying

Anyone who can warm up to the offered Lada Nova should be aware of the following before buying: 1. Such a car is not for The faint hearted. the steering needs a strong hand that suspension bucks on bad routes, who engine is a rustic fellow with – let’s say – character. 2. Who technical understanding and has a little generosity, has an advantage with the Lada Nova. Some connoisseurs sum up the Lada driving experience with the rule of thumb “always works, but never perfectly”. 3. If the exceptional quality State should confirm, the car is in a collection best kept and shouldn’t park next to the street lamp at night anymore.
An on-site appointment and an exact one sightseeing are compulsory at this age, as is the case with any vehicle. the technology of the Lada is considered unproblematic and also for hobbymechanic to dominate. But it should work. That shows Test drive. Given the recently passed H decrease and the fresh TÜV seal is not to be assumed that it is at the Sheet substance there is something to complain about. But the clever prospect takes a closer look here too.

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