Lady Gaga’s dog sitter shot, two of her dogs stolen

Lady Gaga’s dog sitter was gunned down on the street Saturday night. The man was ambushed by two perpetrators and received four bullets in the chest. He was seriously injured and taken to hospital. The perpetrators stole two of Lady Gaga’s French bulldogs, a third escaped and has since been found.

Since Lady Gaga is currently in Italy, it was her regular dog sitter Ryan Fischer who went for a walk in West Hollywood on Wednesday evening with French bulldogs Koji, Miss Asia and Gustavo.

Badly injured

There, the man was ambushed and shot near his home. The robbers took two of the dogs and escaped by car.

Police arrived a little later and found Fischer seriously injured with four bullets to the chest. He was conscious but could barely breathe. According to the Daily Mail, he was taken to hospital seriously injured.


While Koji and Gustavo were taken by the robbers, Miss Asia escaped. The bulldog was found by the police a little later. According to TMZ, Lady Gaga is offering 500,000 dollars (410,000 euros) to those who return her dogs.

Lady Gaga’s three French bulldogs


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