Lady Gaga’s French bulldogs have been returned safe and sound

Lady Gaga has her two French bulldogs back. The dogs were stolen on Wednesday after a violent robbery. Lady Gaga’s dog sitter gets four bullets in the chest. A woman who is said to have nothing to do with the theft has now brought back Koji and Gustav.

It was Wednesday night when 30-year-old Ryan Fischer, Lady Gaga’s regular dog sitter, was brutally robbed. He was shot by men who tried to steal the singer’s French bulldogs. They managed to drive a car away with two of the dogs. The third French bulldog, Miss Asia, escaped and was found shortly afterwards.

Fischer was taken to hospital seriously injured soon after the robbery, but is said to be on the better side in the meantime. According to American media, he would make a full recovery.

$ 500,000 reward

Lady Gaga showed after the raid on social media that she offered a reward of 500,000 dollars (410,000 euros) for who could return her dogs Koji and Gustav. A woman is said to have brought back the two French bulldogs. According to the police, she is not involved in the robbery. It is also not clear whether the reward has been paid.

Perpetrators still missing

The police are therefore still looking for the perpetrators. Nothing is known about their motives for the time being. It is not clear whether they specifically targeted Lady Gaga’s dogs. French bulldogs are regularly stolen in Los Angeles because they cost thousands of euros.


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