Laid-Back Camp -Virtual- Lake Motosu takes you on a relaxed excursion to Mount Fuji

Relaxed solo camping trips with delicious food in the dead of winter: This is exactly what the Manga Laid-Back Camp offers you. The second season of the anime adaptation is currently on Japanese television. Fans can now look forward to something special: development studio Gemdrops has announced a suitable video game!

Laid-Back Camp -Virtual- Lake Motosu should be playable both with and without VR equipment and take you on a relaxed excursion to Fuji. The game is available today for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PCs via Steam and mobile devices and costs 20.99 euros.

This is what you can expect on a camping trip

The two high school students Nadeshiko and Rin are also involved. You play Nadeshiko at Lake Motosu and Rin at the Fumoto campsite. Fumoto Lake is not yet part of the “Lake Motosu” release. The excursions should each have the duration of an anime episode, i.e. around 20 minutes, and involve different situations. You can enjoy beautiful sunsets over a relaxed dinner.

Anyone who owns VR equipment should make use of it. All available versions of the game are designed for this, but can also be played without. The game has a Japanese voice acting, the text is also available in English, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Korean and French.

The new trailer for the game

via Gematsu, images: Laid-Back Camp -Virtual- Lake Motosu, Gemdrops


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