Laika Kosmo 212: Semi-integrated in the motorhome test

One year of Dolce Vita with the semi-integrated Laika Kosmo 212

Twelve months long-term test with the entry-level model Kosmo from Laika. Result: short bed, great lighting concept, stylish furniture. And then there was the thing about the waterfall that caught the testers getting out!

F.For our endurance test we picked up the Laika Kosmo directly from home – from the Italian brand’s factory near Florence. The semi-integrated car had just five kilometers on the clock. But that changed quickly. Within a year we collected more than 35,000 kilometers with the mobile home – and numerous findings in the test diary. What makes us happy: Much of our experience with the youngest Laika offspring flowed straight into development at the manufacturer.

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First of all: the layout we tested is only available as a model 512 with a vehicle length of 7.40 meters. That’s 46 centimeters more than our model – which is good. Because all testers always lacked a bit of space in the semi-integrated.

The queen-size bed in the Laika Kosmo causes difficulties

Laika Kosmo 212

Queen-size bed: good quality mattress, but too little space and too high entry.


The main point of criticism was the queen-size bed: While the quality of the mattress was always praised, many were annoyed when it slipped on the slatted frame. In addition, the passage to the right and left of the bed to the wardrobes was too narrow. “The queen bed is not very royal and annoying. Much too short – and then the mattress shifts. Where’s the advantage? “, Asked his colleague Holger Karkheck. Children in particular have difficulties getting to bed because there is neither a step nor a ladder for the high entry. There was a lot of praise for the shower. Lots of freedom of movement, good standing height, decent water pressure – fits. Our colleague Marco Weidig found it a bit cramped in the bathroom opposite: “It is not possible to use the toilet with the door closed.” Other testers praised precisely this door, because it allows the bedroom and bathroom area to be separated from the living room. This plus in privacy was well received. Just like that high quality and tasteful furniture. The colleagues found the table and work surface in bronze and stone look with a chrome border particularly pleasing.

Technical specifications
MotorizationFiat MultiJet 150
power110 kW (150 PS) at 3600 rpm
Displacement2287 cc
Torque350 Nm at 1500 rpm
Top speed155 km / h
Transmission / driveSix-speed manual / front wheel
Tank capacity / fuel type90 l / diesel
Length Width Height6955/2330/2900 mm
Wheelbase / tires3800 mm / 225/75 R 16 CP
Empty weight ready to drive / payload (test mobile2845/655 kg
Trailer load (braked / unbraked)2000/750 kg
Material wall / roof / floorAlu / GFK / GFK
Wall / roof / floor thickness34/33/49 mm
Lying area fold-down bed L x W2000 x 1400 mm
Lying area rear L x W1900 x 1480 mm
Fridge / freezer140/12 l
stoveThree flames
Board battery80 Ah
Fresh / waste water tank110/90 l
Gas supply / heating2x 5 kg / Truma Combi 6
Test consumption11.8 l D / 100 km
Price / test car pricefrom 52,900 / 62,003 euros

Processing of the motorhome furniture sometimes quite careless

Laika Kosmo 212

Cozy interior with indirect and multi-level LED lighting.

© Stefan Beetz / AUTO BILD

Matching: the well thought-out lighting concept. The lights conjured up a homely atmosphere in the motorhome even in the cold and gray seasons. The lamps have another advantage: “Finally a long-term test enough USB sockets“, praised editor Helene Schmidt.” They are elegant and practical in the reading spots. “But precisely because Laika attaches great importance to high-quality furniture fittings and detailed solutions, colleague Holger Karkheck annoyed the loveless workmanship:”The glossy flaps make a high-quality impression, but the workmanship in details is poor. An expensive piece of furniture where the screw covers come off after a very short time would be complained about immediately and not accepted. “Another problem in furniture construction: While the construction noise was still very quiet at the beginning of the test, criticized author Thomas Wirth after more than 34,000 kilometers, strong rattling and clumping from the superstructure. (Overview: everything about motorhomes)

Compact external dimensionsQueen bed too high and too short
Pleasant lighting conceptProcessing defects
Well-coordinated chassisBuild-up noises while driving
Numerous USB socketsNo piezo ignition
Tasteful interior designDifficult to fill the fresh water tank
Freedom of movement in the living roomBadly accessible lamp in the rear garage
Comfortable mattressesSpace in the gas locker too tight
Powerful engineUse of the bathroom only with the door open
Lots of natural light in the interior through numerous skylights

Motorhome body well insulated, but a water problem

The Kosmo was really not spared in the twelve months. The southern European surprisingly showed undreamt-of qualities, especially in winter: The structure convinced with excellent insulation. As we are in the weather: Kosmo does not cope with rain and water in general. Because the rain runoff from the driver’s cab ends exactly at the height of the driver’s door. Not only once did a tester take an involuntary shower when getting out of the car. Every colleague who tried to fill the fresh water tank also got wet. From the beginning, it felt like more water flowed out than in. In order to be able to refuel at all, the water hose was pushed deep into the nozzle with great force. The result after a few weeks: The hose feed behind the filler neck came loose.

Fiat Ducato is the perfect base vehicle

There were only words of praise for the Fiat Ducato. “The basic vehicle is fun. King of the country road with 150 hp – that’s all it takes to swim comfortably on the highway. My SUV has 40 HP more and doesn’t offer half as much space, “summarized colleague Karkheck.

Conclusion from Helene Schmidt: Our cosmo had some constructive and qualitative weaknesses. Laika responded immediately to the criticism and adapted the production accordingly. So changed, the Italian has good chances of success in Germany.


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