Lamborghini Aventador (2023): Is his successor called “Tormenta”?

The Aventador has now been on the market for eleven years. Now it’s time for a successor to the V12 super sports car. First things first: the Italian will keep the free-breathing V12, and it will be the brand’s first model to be launched as an electrified plug-in hybrid. How To Cars has asked its draftsman, the Aventador– to draw a successor.


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The rough dimensions should not change too much, the wedge-shaped shape and the scissor doors remain. Models like the Sian could have been the inspiration for the design, and the successor should have a redesigned front with Y-shaped daytime running lights.

Huge diffuser and overhead exhaust system

The ventilation openings will probably be equipped with new aerodynamic elements, the side line is as usual flat and with air outlets behind the front wheels. Behind the scissor doors there will be large air intakes that should bring fresh air for the engine and radiator. The rear is adorned with a huge diffuser, the exhaust system has moved far up.

And the drive? As already mentioned, it will be electrified. The longitudinally installed V12 naturally aspirated engine may remain, but will be developed from scratch and will work in tandem with an electric motor. Lamborghini does not want to reveal anything about displacement and performance, but it should be more performance than the current one Aventador Has. In the strongest expansion stage, Ultimae, it reaches 780 hp and 720 Nm maximum torque.

Is the Aventador successor called “Tormenta”? (Update!)

The Italians are also not yet revealing the name of the new one. Because after Miura, Countach, Diablo, Murcielago and Aventador the new V12 hybrid flagship should also be given its own name when it comes onto the market in 2023.
The question remains as to what the super sports car will be called. Recently, the rumor spread on the Supercar Blondie channel that his successor could be named “Tormenta”. As usual with Lamborghini, the name comes from Spanish and means “thunderstorm” – which seems quite realistic as an allusion to the interaction between thundering V12 and electric motor. And the price? At the market launch, it should probably be around 350,000 euros in the base.

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