Lamborghini Aventador Ultimae: Exit in the last of its kind

Don’t panic, Lamborghini isn’t unpacking the mallet like AMG is about to do. As is well known, they will replace their famously rumbling V8 in the next Mercedes-AMG C 63 with an electrified four-cylinder. The V12 remains – even freely aspirated and without forced ventilation, with 780 hp and 720 Nm of torque. But in this form, without any electric crutch, the Aventador Ultimae is the last of its kind. And Lamborghini builds exactly 600 of these. 250 roadsters and 350 coupes.
Lamborghini calls a smooth 400,000 euros for the coupe, and the roadster surcharge accounts for another ten percent. The roof procedure is really a crux. Two halves of the roof that have to be removed manually and stowed in the front end in a strict order. In order to get to the release, the seat must first be moved forward – ergonomically looks different. But all these little quirks make up the character of the Aventador.

Aventador workplace with Audi borrowings

It has been eleven years since Lamborghini presented the successor to the Murciélago at the Geneva Motor Show. How enraptured we were then by the beguiling shape – and irritated by the obvious Audi buttons in the interior. It’s still the same today, even if a bit of nostalgia is added, because the operating logic takes us back to times that we thought were long forgotten. We tick that off under character, too.
Lamborghini Aventador Ultimate

Old acquaintances: The Audi buttons in the cockpit fall under nostalgia today. The operating logic is also from another time.

It’s time for an Aventador successor

However, as we hop the first few meters out of the unadorned industrial area in Sant’Agata, we begin to have doubts. The backrest of the seat scrapes and creaks on the interior paneling, the sequential gearbox shifts jerks almost like the unspeakable automated gearbox once in the Citroën C4 Cactus. After all, we can’t attribute that much character to a single car. It’s true: It’s really about time for the successor.
Lamborghini Aventador Ultimate

Bone dry: The Aventador Ultimae passes bad road surfaces on to the occupants almost unfiltered.

Driving in the Ultimae is quite tough

Nevertheless, we beat the Ultimae one last time over the northern Italian serpentines that we are led to. Not that they have anything to do with roads in the German sense. A series of potholes, interrupted by the occasional scrap of asphalt – that describes it best. The Aventador bolts stubbornly over it, but passes even the smallest bumps marginally filtered through to the pilot’s cross.

Lamborghini Aventador Ultimate

Asphalt rocket: When the full 780 hp are called up, the Ultimae sprints to 100 km/h in a breathtaking 2.8 seconds.

The head bounces back and forth in the interior that briefly blurs our view. It’s a good thing that we’ve already removed the roof. Headaches and a strained neck would otherwise be unavoidable.

The winter tires slow down the Lambo

And how does the device drive now, you ask? Basically a little less puristic than an SVJ. The front axle feels as if you have the steering rod directly in your hand, but it is still binding because subtle drive influences add their mustard. And we still have winter tires on. Of course, they beg for mercy, but we won’t grant them that today.

The infernal acoustics are part of the experience

It’s such a thing with the gearshift: We have already complained about its jerky character, but it only awkwardly shifts into the next gear at partial load and when crawling. As soon as the pilot drops the hammer, everything melts into a harmonious whole. Brake, downshift, turn in, ba-baaam! At the rear, the dual flue stovepipes fire a salvo at the traffic behind. Crazy!

Lamborghini Aventador Ultimate

A full broadside from two tailpipes: the Ultimae sounds exactly like a Lamborghini with a V12 in the rear should sound.

When turning in, the Sottozero still reacts exactly, but at the corner exit we lubricate heavily in the direction of the slope. Let’s not overdo it. The all-wheel drive tends to be rear-heavy – very rear-heavy. With active driving aids, the Ultimae only subtly sticks out its buttocks, even in Corsa mode. Foolproof, but certainly foolish. Especially acoustically. We hope that the new one can roar in a similarly infernal manner. That’s real character.


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