Lamborghini Urus Facelift (2022): This is new to the Urus

After the LM002, Lamborghini has its second in 2017 with the Urus SUV put on the wheels. With a total of 5021 vehicles, it is currently the brand’s most popular model.


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Five years later, the Italians want to give the bull an optical refreshment. Only recently the bolide flexed its muscles on the legendary mountain route at Pikes Peak and showed what it can do.

New front apron and modern infotainment

But first to the optics: the fresh one is currently driving urus still camouflaged around, and it is noticeable that Lamborghini that SUV revised very carefully. At the front, a new hood catches the eye, which is fitted with venting gills on the side of the power domes.
Lamborghini Urus - Pikes Peak Record 2022

It’s still camouflaged: newly arranged air outlets and a new cut-out for the diffuser are noticeable on the rear apron.

The large air vent at the front keeps its shape, but is fitted with new cross braces instead of the honeycomb structure. Hands were also applied to the rear, the apron gets a new styling with a modified cutout on the diffuser and the side air outlets. The exhaust system comes with new covers on the tailpipes.

Inside, customers should be happy about the latest generation of infotainment and assistance systems. New materials, upholstery and colors could also be added.

Will the Urus come as a plug-in hybrid?

On the engine side, not too much should change. It probably stays with the well-known four-liter V8 with biturbo charging, which can also be found in the Audi models RS 6, RS 7 and RS Q8. In terms of performance, however, the engineers from Sant’Agata Bolognese could do a few more hp tickle more from the aggregate – currently the V8 is in urus with 650 hp and 800 Nm maximum torque is the strongest expansion stage.
Lamborghini Urus - Pikes Peak Record 2022

It stays with the V8 biturbo, but in terms of performance, the Urus should get a few more horsepower.

Rumor has it that he could urus but also the powertrain with the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid share. Again urus, the Zuffenhauser also uses the V8 biturbo, but here it is supported by an electric motor. The system performance is at cayenne at 680 hp and a maximum of 900 Nm torque.
Lamborghini is not yet revealing how much power is ultimately passed on to the four 23-inch wheels. But: On the legendary mountain route at Pikes Peak in the USA, the power SUV has already flexed its muscles and broken the previous record of the Bentley Bentayga. In 10:32.064 minutes, the Urus (here equipped with 22-inch wheels) was a full 17 seconds faster than the Brit.

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