Lamborghini Urus: test, engine, price

But you have to have a lot of self-confidence when you get out of the car at Aldi, “joked our video boss when he heard the new one Test car saw in the garage. “Don’t worry, I have,” was my answer. Shortly afterwards in Lamborghini Urus in shrill green, which the Italians simply call “Pearl Capsule Verde Mantis” – there is still one Arancio Borealis (Orange) and Giallo Inti (You will surely figure it out by yourself, it’s yellow) – things looked different. (Important tips for buying a new car on the Internet)

Lamborghini Urus

Lamborghini calls the shrill green of the Urus “Pearl Capsule Verde Mantis”. It matches the appearance of the power SUV.

You shouldn’t be shy in the Urus

First impression: “I can’t cope. I don’t want to put him or her against the wall after a few meters rimn scrap. “After two minutes:” Foot on the brake, right Gear paddles on the steering wheel pull, then drive is in. It’s loud, it drives, I can get out of the garage. “Third minute:” Why is everyone looking at the first traffic light? And why does he see Start button look like the fuse on a cruise missile? “Before you ask yourself what this is all about: my colleague and I are testing the Lamborghini Urus, a Super SUV, which we at AUTO BILD really don’t have every day. And the test should also be different. Just a matter for the boss. I have three children, the Gebhardts have Anton, a big German shorthaired pointer. I’ve had one twice Audi Q7 as a company car (and well paid for), as well as a VW Multivan, I don’t mind size. Not everyday either. Let’s go.

Lamborghini Urus

650 hp and 800 Nm of torque from a biturbo V8 catapult the Urus to 100 km / h in 3.6 seconds.

There is sport and serenity in the chassis

At Lambo, this means in advertising: “Break the chains of familiar terrain, unleash your personality.” Let’s put it more soberly in not sober dates: 650 hp, 305 km / h top, 3.6 seconds to 100 km / h, Four-liter twin-turbo V8, 800 Nm torque, black 23 incher, 5.11 meters long, 11 inches longer than that Audi Q8on whose platform he stands. Price from around 270,000 euros. In leasing for 36 months from 2250 euros. Because it is selling so well, they even expanded the plant in Sant’Agata Bolognese in Italy. At home, where friends and neighbors were slowly losing faith in me during Corona times, my son (5) came out in pajamas. “It’s green! Inside too!” He called his siblings over, I was hugged and hugged like I hadn’t for a long time. Lent luck that Urus only stayed two days.

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Impression after three hours and 300 km: the car no longer scares me. You can drive it at 50 or at 280 km / h, tremendous acceleration, safe road holding, networked navigation system (easy to use thanks to Audi), Apple CarPlay runs, phone calls are also possible, interior noise on the motorway is really not too loud, seats are tight, but that’s how a sports seat has to be.

Lamborghini Urus

Greetings from Audi: We know the steering wheel, instrument cluster and infotainment from Ingolstadt.

The interior looks familiar to us

In the Urus there are two-colored, ventilated ones Alcantara seats in Verde Faunus (Lambo pronoun for green). And that four times. At the back, too, you sit comfortably like the driver. In addition Q-Citura decor in hexagonal shape, special embroidery, that Carbon interior package and black anodized aluminum inserts. Fits. Again in the Lambo advertising speech: “The luxury of Italian craftsmanship meets advanced technology.” The next morning with the family round course: two kids for sport, with one for shopping (actually Aldi), market in the city center. Then the Urus is simply a practical SUV. With all the virtues, but just too big for many tight parking spaces. Only: with me the rapper comes through, Exhaust flaps on (switch found quickly), then it growls so loudly that heads turn. And yes, the understanding of the other drivers when you stop briefly on the side of the road to let the children out is greatly reduced in a car like this. Shake your head, honk, no happy waving and thumbs up …

Off-road mobility is available in three driving programs

Lamborghini Urus

It could, if it should: Lamborghini has given the Urus three off-road driving programs. We haven’t tried them.

Okay, I should have the nursery rhymes on that 1700 watt Bang & Olufsen sound system with 21 speakers should perhaps make it quieter. And of course, starting off quickly is fun because everyone hears and feels it who loves driving. “Can you drive normally again?” Asked my wife. I can, but I don’t want to … There is three driving modes for the road: STRADA, for easy driving with comfort and safety; SPORT, for maneuverability and driving pleasure; CORSA, for precision and maximum performance. There are also three driving modes for the terrain, I left that out. My impression after two days and 1000 kilometers: Yes, it is a luxuryof driving this car. Yes, at first it is a much too expensive Audi Q8. But should a Lambo be cheap, i.e. anything? No. Shouldn’t he be such that others shake their heads too? I think so. A good car is a good car, that’s it.

Lamborghini Urus

Not really Lambo-like: The Urus makes good progress up to 280 km / h, but it needs a lot of acceleration until it is 305 km / h.

At the last km / h it gets a bit tough

In the end, colleague Gebhardt was also allowed to run, tore the Lambo to the village in East Friesland. If the Urus causes a stir in Potsdam, it is there Highlight of the year, maybe of the decade. And there’s even a thumbs up for it: “I like the color,” says the 74-year-old neighbor, “Wow, what a cool jeep” Elementary school boys (They probably would never have said that about a jeep). All three are right – and the boss is right with everything he says. There is only one thing he has forgotten because of all the endorphins: namely that the Urus on the Highway runs out of breath quickly. Clear: Tempo 280 – no problem. But actually the Urus is supposed to do 305 things. He does too, but only with a lot of run-up (luckily the motorway to Leer is empty). And to be honest: It doesn’t feel like Lambo when the speedometer needle climbs the last km / h with difficulty.

On the other hand, I’m glad that some other things in Urus don’t feel like Lambo either: Im Huracan or Aventador Neither I (1.97 meters high) nor Anton dog (stretched out just under 1.50 meters long) sit well. And we don’t even want to talk about the in and out … (Calculate maintenance costs? To the car insurance comparison)

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