Large employers must keep track of employee emissions

In this way, the cabinet wants to map out and ultimately limit emissions in order to achieve the goals of the Climate Agreement, writes the Financieele Dagblad (FD).

The rule should have come into effect this year, but that has not yet happened due to the long formation process. According to the newspaper, it is expected that this will be resolved in the short term.


An internet consultation was already organized in 2020 for stakeholders of the scheme. It states that large companies are bound to a maximum emission, calculated on the basis of the Dutch average.

Companies will have four years to comply with the rules and reduce their emissions. For example, using cleaner company cars or company bicycles.

Seven thousand companies

According to the FD, the scheme affects about seven thousand companies, which must use the policy to administer the emissions of their staff. It will lead to extra work, fears the car industry organization Bovag.

Commuting and business trips account for a large part of the so-called mobility emissions in the Netherlands. In 2020, this sector accounted for almost 20 percent of the total greenhouse gas emissions in the Netherlands.

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