Largest supercharger in the world: Tesla station with 56 charging places opened in California

Nowhere in the world should there be more fast electric car charging options at once: Without an official announcement, Tesla has opened a new supercharger location in California with 56 individual V3 charging stations, as local observers were pleased to note over the weekend. It is located between San Francisco and Los Angeles, i.e. where the density of Tesla electric cars is likely to be highest.

Tesla is leading the way in electric car charging

In general, with the increasing spread of electric cars, the trend is not only at Tesla towards charging locations with more columns. A record charging park was recently opened in Hilden, Germany, so far equipped with 20 Tesla Superchargers and 8 fast charging stations from the independent operator Fastned; about the same number should be added to both. But the ratios in Hilden and elsewhere show that Tesla is not only making progress with electric cars, but also with their charging infrastructure.

And while the opening in Hilden was celebrated at the beginning of October with the participation of local politicians and the media, Tesla apparently put the new record supercharger in California into operation without much fuss. It was announced this September that it is planned. In addition to the 56 Tesla columns, it should have 9 free charging points and a restaurant and shop. A member of a local Tesla club then noticed the silent start-up over the weekend.

According to the Electrek blog, the Fresno County supercharger is now Tesla’s largest in the world. But it will probably not stay that way for long either. The portal already has another location that should surpass the one in California: 64 fast charging stations are to be built directly at the Tesla Gigafactory in China. And the German Gigafactory near Berlin only gets 8 public supercharger columns (plus hundreds of slower stations) in front of its gates, but probably another 60 on the factory premises.


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