Lars puts bomb under MAFS marriage during TV tirade

Note: This article contains spoilers from the latest episode of Married At First Sight.

Lars is quite pissed off because his wife is sleeping in another room without understanding why. “It was the moment for me when I thought: I am really pulling a dead horse.” Tila brings the two together for a good chat. “I can’t say what I feel. I’ve lived my whole life for others …” Lizzy begins. “You have to change something now, otherwise it will be over”, Lars demands in turn.

Lizzy tries to explain further why she insisted on sleeping alone, but she doesn’t get the chance. Even before he knows exactly what is wrong with his wife, he walks away in a rage. Lizzy doesn’t like it anymore. “I really don’t like a relationship like that. I can’t even be myself. I feel like I have to live the way Lars intended.”

After a sports day with old-MAFS-candidates Chantal, Thierry and Kimberly, the pastry simply continues. The flame hits the pan and the camera just manages to capture the aftermath. Rein pulls on Lars’s arm to start a conversation with Lizzy, but she has already given up hope. Lars wins the faithful trek and tries to control his anger.

“Choke on it! No, everything has to be beautiful in front of the camera”, Lizzy calls out after her husband when he stamps away for the second time. “I’m really done with this”, she says, crying in Rein’s arms. “Every time everything is pushed on me. I am not allowed to express my feelings.”

Even Mick, the man of the least words of all candidates, stands up for her. “You just go on, on, on. You don’t give her a moment to recover”, he tells Lars. As soon as Mick has a moment alone with the camera, he tells how he really thinks about him. “Lars is so dominant. He constantly talks about gears, but I already said: you are not a driving instructor. Just go have fun and be relaxed and leave the girl alone. That will be fine.”

Sylvia sees a mile-long divorce coming. Without naming names, she lets it be known that Lars is asking too much of Lizzy and wants her to do everything her way, so that Lizzy does not get any breathing space and a toxic relationship develops. “Very unhealthy, I thought.”

It will not be good anymore. Lars closes the door for good and Lizzy is also ready to call it a day. During the last ceremony, their decision is unanimous: they file for divorce. In any case, they can learn a lot from the marriage of former participants Patty and Bram. They are still very happy together after their television adventure, according to the video below.


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