Last chance: 5 GB LTE tariff in the Vodafone network for 4.99 instead of 21.99 euros per month

There is a whopping 77 percent discount on this mobile phone tariff with 5 GB LTE in the strong Vodafone network. All information about the bargain.

At Mobilcom-Debitel you will currently find a top mobile phone tariff on this special order page:

5 GB LTE data volume

in the strong

Vodafone network

at the hammer price of

only 4.99 euros (instead of 21.99 euros).

That equals one

Saving of 77 percent

. A telephone flat rate is also included. That

Offer is only until June 30th 11am


To the tariff deal: 5 GB LTE in the Vodafone network for only 4.99 euros

These are the tariff conditions

  • Network: Vodafone

  • Tariff: Green LTE 5 GB

  • Provider: Mobilcom Debitel

  • Data volume: 5 GB with LTE 21.6 Mbit/s

  • Flat telephony & EU roaming

  • Freenet hotspot flat rate

  • eSIM enabled

  • Per SMS: EUR 0.19

  • Basic fee per month: 4.99 euros

  • Connection fee 9.99 instead of 39.99 euros

  • Flexible contract start possible

  • Term: 24 months

  • Offer ends on 06/30/2022 at 11 a.m

The mobile phone tariff includes a data volume of 5 GB in the strong Vodafone network. 5 GB is sufficient for most users. You can even occasionally watch videos and even series/movies through a streaming platform. Because per gigabyte you can stream about 4 hours, according to Netflix. Please note that although you have a telephone flat rate, every SMS costs money. But in times of Whatsapp & Co., that’s a minor matter. From the 25th month, the tariff increases to 21.99 euros, which you should definitely keep in mind.

To the tariff deal: 5 GB LTE in the Vodafone network for only 4.99 euros

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