Last chance: Airtime and €20,000 prize money for the winners of RDI 2022

Why participate in the RDI 2022?

Eureka! You have come up with an innovation that works on a social issue and a sustainable world. There is a good chance that you want to shout it from the (digital) rooftops and let the collective Netherlands get acquainted with your brand. Just where to start? How to stand out? And how can a company continue to grow and make more social impact? The Rabo Sustainable Innovation Award (RDI 2022) can be the springboard that your start-up needs.

For the nineteenth time, the renowned entrepreneurial prize is awarded in four categories (food transition, vital communities & care, circular entrepreneurship and energy transition). A price that has already enabled many start-ups to take a step (or two, three) forward. This is what participating in the RDI 2022 yields:

  • As a participant you enter an environment of innovative entrepreneurs and companies, which gives your network a significant boost;
  • In addition, the participation process is very educational and helpful;
  • As the winner (four categories, so four winners) you will win €20,000;
  • In addition, you can participate in a special accelerator program from Yes!Delft, an organization that knows how to convert innovative ideas into successful companies;
  • And burden but sure not least: broadcasting time on RTL Z. A wonderful stage to tell a large audience about your innovation.

Need that last push? The enthusiasm of Corjan of FUMI Ingredients, winner of the Rabo Sustainable Innovation Award 2019, is contagious.

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