Last day Glass House | XS4All is slowly disappearing | And verdict in bribery case Vestia

Champagne is becoming increasingly popular in the Netherlands. But production in France has fallen sharply in the past two seasons due to the bad weather. Dutch winegrowers throw themselves into the market for sparkling wine, we took a look.

The court of The Hague will rule in a lawsuit against former employees of housing corporation Vestia who are accused of corruption. The Public Prosecution Service has demanded prison sentences of up to four years against the two main suspects, who would have taken bribes from DIY and cleaning companies between 2015 and 2018. Vestia, also known for the derivatives scandal and a grabbing ex-top executive, would have been disadvantaged for 2.5 million euros.

A tragic moment in Dutch internet history. As of today, XS4ALL will no longer receive new customers. Anyone wishing to take out a subscription with XS4ALL from now on will end up with parent company KPN. From January, existing customers will be transferred to the KPN systems. The XS4ALL name will be retained for them for the time being.

For the first time since 2017, DJs from 3FM were locked up again in the Glass House. The charity: WWF, which wants to use its money to protect and restore the South American rainforests. But we’re not very good-natured yet. The counter was on day 5 at 903,390 euros. Not bad, but nothing compared to the millions raised for 2017. (AMOUNT STILL UPDATE ON FRIDAY MORNING).

Peace on earth, being kind to each other and so on. It’s Christmas Eve. Supermarkets are expected to have record sales now that all restaurants are closed. The RTL Z offices will be manned tomorrow, so hohoho, make a stopover on our site on Christmas Day with your sleigh.

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This piece was this most shared yesterday: The popular Dutch app Amigos, with which many spontaneous house parties are organized, leaked the private data of its hundreds of thousands of users for months. Among other things, it was possible to request their exact location, read along with private conversations and loot passwords.

We think you should also read this: Big problems for gas horticulture due to high gas prices. Growers are spending a lot of money on energy and are afraid that no gas can be supplied at all this winter. “If you turn off the heating for one winter, it will affect you for years.”

And you may have missed this: They are collapsing in droves due to the energy crisis. Energy supplier Naked Energy, with about 2600 customers, has filed for bankruptcy.

This could come along at the coffee machine:

Good day!

PS ‘Turkish Dutch people who have deposited savings at a Turkish bank see their money evaporate,’ writes Yesim Candan in her column. The lira is as changeable as the weather.

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