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#LastNormalPhoto: Photos on Twitter remind us of the time before Corona

The coronavirus pandemic has virtually shut down social life for a long time. It is only gradually moving towards normality – however, nobody can say exactly when it is finally that time again. From weddings and graduation parties to holidays and birthdays, there are many great and important moments that people have missed.

Many countries have been locked down for months. This makes it increasingly difficult for many people to remember when life was “normal”. But how do you best remember it? Sure, by browsing through your old photos on your phone.

This is exactly what many Twitter users have just done. Under the hashtag #LastNormalPhoto, they shared the last photo they had taken before the corona pandemic. The articles show how quickly the world can change.

The trend started when the account of the British news broadcaster BBC News tweeted: “From a visit to relatives, to a day at football, the last school trip or a meal with the partner. What was your #LastNormalPhoto before the pandemic started? ”

Last Saturday, BBC News published an article on its website showing the first photos that users posted under the hashtag.

Hundreds of people have posted # LastNormalPhoto posts on Twitter. Check out some of the most beautiful recent photos people took before the coronavirus pandemic.

These are the “last normal photos” people took before the coronavirus pandemic


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