Latin America: Into the poverty trap with Corona

So far he has done both in detail in the Corona crisis – but he has not been able to control the pandemic. The virus doesn’t adhere to López Obradors Proclamation that one the crisis have overcome and continue to spread, while the authorities present suspiciously low numbers that no longer believe. Add to that the miserable supply situation, which causes anger among the population – and fatal misfortunes. More than a hundred people died of bad liquor because there were none left in the shops.

Argentina: State bankruptcy with Corona

As so often in its recent history, the once so prosperous country is facing bankruptcy in the Corona crisis. Negotiations with international creditors on a debt deferral are ongoing and President Alberto Fernandez – a political pupil of the still powerful ex-president Cristina Kirchner – poker up. However, this does little to help people in the slums. During that virus is largely under control in large parts of the country through strict measures, it is spreading rapidly there.

Peru: Police violence did not stop the spread

The politically weakened left president Martin Vizcarra has from the beginning of crisis imposed on rigorous measures and these also with massive use of police and military enforced. Tens of thousands of people have been arrested for violating quarantine measures. But in the poor parts of the country, the measures are taking effect despite the harshness of the police Not . People live too close together and are dependent on the income from day labor jobs. You cannot stay at home. The epidemic is spreading rapidly.


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