Lauda management promises to continue Vienna

If a solution is found by Thursday evening.

There is definitely a small spark of hope for the continued existence of the Lauda base in Vienna, because the management informed their employees on Monday evening that the decision can be reversed if the social partners reach an agreement by Thursday evening.

The demonstration, about which AviationNetOnline reported in detail, brought new impetus to the deadlocked situation, because Vida trade unionist Daniel Liebhart announced that the social partner WKO would be contacted immediately. This seems to have happened, because the Lauda management mentioned in their circular that the Chamber of Commerce wanted to have confirmed whether, in the event of an agreement, it would be possible to continue the base and thus keep the jobs. David O’Brien and Andreas Gruber, managing director of the carrier, have said so in the affirmative.

The employee letter also reads that Ryanair already has plans for a major expansion from Vienna. These should actually be announced after May 29, 2020. However, should an agreement be reached, the Lauda base in Vienna will remain open and Ryanair will refrain from taking over the routes from the group’s sister companies. The Lauda management also wants to commit to paying a minimum net salary for junior flight attendants of 1,020 euros. In addition, there are also commissions and payments per flight hour rendered. According to the circular, if you don’t fly a single hour, you should be transferred at least 1,020 euros at the end of the month. The management strongly disagrees with the union’s claims or has improved their offer. You are not exactly exact, at least the word “guaranteed” is written in block letters.

So it remains to be seen whether the social partners, the Lauda employees and the management will be able to pull together and find a last-minute compromise for the preservation of the jobs that is acceptable to all parties. According to the circular, the aircraft currently parked in Vienna are to be transferred to “cheaper airports” in Spain and England and, if necessary, are to be retrieved when air traffic resumes.


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