Lawyer accidentally activates the filter of sad kitten on Zoom and creates the funniest video of the year

A hearing via Zoom in a court in the US state of Texas yesterday created a remarkable picture. Lawyer Rod Ponton had activated a filter of a sad kitten and was not immediately turned off. Fortunately, Judge Roy Ferguson turned out to have a lot of patience.

The hilarious video from the 394th Judicial District Court of Texas begins with Judge Roy Ferguson pointing out attorney Rod Ponton to his remarkable image. “I believe you have enabled a filter in the video settings. Maybe you want, uh… ”, we hear Ferguson say.

I’m here live. I’m not a cat

Lawyer Rod Ponton, clearly uncomfortable by the situation, quickly confirms that it is indeed a filter. However, he and his assistant do not immediately find how to turn it off again.

For a moment Ponton seems to give up because we hear him say “I am willing to continue”. The lawyer then confirms that he is indeed present with the sentence “I’m here live. I’m not a catJust while the kitten looks extra sad.

Shit happens

Then the video stops while Judge Ferguson explains how to turn off the filter. The judge later confirmed that the problem was resolved shortly afterwards. “A few bright smiles and no derogatory comments. The lawyer who struggled with the filter handled it beautifully. Proof of professionalism everywhere! ”He writes.

Ponton himself could also laugh about it afterwards. “It certainly wasn’t intentional, though shit happensHe said afterwards. “If I can make everyone laugh at my expense, I like to do that.”

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