Le Mans – Flörsch proud: “Was able to show my skills”

“Was able to show my skills”

Sophia Flörsch finished 13th overall in Le Mans with Richard Mille Racing. AUTO BILD reached her on the phone

Goverall 13th, ninth place in the LMP2 class with around 600 hp prototypes. Sophia Flörsch (19) successfully took her first 24 Hours of Le Mans under the wheels of the Richard Mille women’s team.

It’s somehow extreme and also a bit surreal, “she says to AUTO BILD:” I have now driven the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans and finished ninth! We made history with it as an all-women team. Nobody can take that away from us anymore. That is very nice and emotional for me. “

It is the best result of a woman at the 24 Hours of Le Mans since 2011, when Vanina Ickx achieved seventh place in the Lola Aston Martin LMP1 together with ex-DTM driver Maxime Martin and former Minardi Formula 1 test driver Bas Leinders. But above all, it is the best result for a women’s team at Le Mans in 43 years! In 1977 Lella Lombardi (the only woman to have scored points in Formula 1) and Christine Beckers in the Inaltera-Ford Cosworth finished eleventh.

Flörsch: “Even the starting grid was very special. The hymn gave me goosebumps. And when you see that the engineers and mechanics don’t sleep all night and hardly eat – that’s when you realize what kind of team spirit there is in such a race and how much work is behind it. “

Flörsch and her teammates Tatiana Calderon and Beitske Visser

© Floersch / Twitter

Flörsch and her teammates Tatiana Calderon (Mexico) and Beitske Visser (Netherlands) quickly picked up the pace. “Managing the traffic was the hardest part, especially when you ran into a slower GT car,” explains the Munich resident. “You had to time the lapping maneuvers well. But at some point you will find out how to best drive past which point. And overall we always drove according to the motto: The most important thing is to get through. So no dangerous maneuvers or anything. ”

The adrenaline level was high – even at night! Flörsch: “Driving at night is good for me. Well, I had a stint at half past four this morning that wasn’t that easy at the beginning. Just imagine it: being totally awake at half past four and driving a race! But the bottom line was that everything worked well. I only slept an hour between my two night stints. I had to force myself to do this because I knew that otherwise I would not be fit enough later. “

AUTO BILD reached Flörsch shortly before dinner on Sunday in Le Mans. Exhausted but happy. Because the response from the motorsport world was also positive. Even FIA President Jean Todt praised the women’s team. “That makes me very proud,” said the German. “Especially after the last year and a half, when I had a lot of bad luck. Everything finally worked out and I was able to prove my skills. I don’t even know how many stories I’ve been tagged in on social media! A lot of people stayed up and watched my race. Something like that is very motivating. “

So has she tasted blood for 2021? The fact is: the Richard Mille project is designed to run for two years. Flörsch euphorically: “Yes, yes! You never say no to a race like this. It was like a dream and when I think about it now, it actually passed much too quickly. “


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