Leaked part indicates new design iPhone 12

All iPhone parts must be connected to the leaked piece of hardware. In previous iPhones, it was a wider, shorter part, but this time Apple stretched it and turned it into an L shape.

The new shape should probably make it easier to attach a battery between the motherboard. It could indicate a new battery design for the phone. Since Apple improved battery life with previous iPhones, this also seems to be a logical step.

Major update

The redesign can also help to place new parts in the iPhone, for example. In any case, it would mean that the iPhone 12 becomes more than a small, iterative update to previous models.

The new iPhone 12 is said to have a design inspired by the iPhone 4, similar to the iPad Pro. The screen becomes flat again, with a steel band on either side.

No earplugs

Apple would also deliver the new iPhone without earplugs for the first time, according to acclaimed Apple analyst Ming-chi Kuo.

However, the tech giant would put its AirPods on sale in the second half of 2020, to drive earplug sales.


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