Leaked: Xbox Series Series X will cost $ 499, Series S $ 299

Microsoft will release the Xbox Series X and S on November 10 at suggested retail prices of $ 499 and $ 299 respectively ($ 422 and $ 253). That claim the usually reliable tech insider WalkingCat on Twitter and Microsoft insider Brad Sams on YouTube. In addition, the first image has appeared of the more budget-friendly Xbox Series S. Officially nothing is known about that console.

The alleged images of the Xbox Series S are very similar to its predecessor, the Xbox One S. The Xbox Series X is also very similar to the Xbox One X with a beautiful tower shape. We see a white, thin console with a black round grid in the middle and a grid at the top. There is also a disc tray for discs. However, it cannot be seen in the images.

(Xbox Series X improves on games from previous generations.)

All Access-program

An excerpt from Walking Cat’s video shows that the Series S is narrower, smaller and standing upright. In addition, Microsoft will, according to the tech website Windows Central, an Xbox All Accessprogram. For that, Xbox Series S gamers would pay $ 25 per month. For Xbox Series X gamers would All Access Cost $ 35. Nothing has yet been leaked about euro prices.

Maybe 1080p gaming

Rumors have been circulating for some time that Microsoft will release a more budget-friendly Xbox Series S. That console would have a smaller amount of ram, lower clock speeds and less GPU computing power compared to the Series X.

As a result, it is possible that the Series S will focus on 1080p gaming. It is clear, however, that the Series S will have a faster payload than its predecessor.

(These games are already coming to Xbox Series X.)


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