Learn 41 languages ​​for life for 80 euros – only for a short time

Here you can only get the language learning app Mondly for only 79.99 euros instead of 1,999 euros for a short time and can then learn 41 languages ​​for the rest of your life.

The attractive summer offer for the Mondly language learning app is only valid until Sunday, July 31, 2022. For the one-time payment of

only 79.99 euros instead of 1,999.99 euros

you can learn all languages ​​for which Mondly offers corresponding language courses for life. There are currently 41 such language courses to choose from. Languages ​​you can learn with Mondly include: English, Chinese, Japanese, Ukrainian, Thai, French, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Arabic and many more.

Learn 41 languages ​​for life for EUR 79.99 (one-off payment) – offer only available until the end of July 2022

With Mondly, learning a language should simply be fun

Mondly uses a combination of conversation-based learning programs, speech recognition, and bite-sized lessons for its language courses. Particular value is placed on an entertaining, playful and uncomplicated way, so that learning the new language is also fun for the user.

The new language is learned through sentences that are frequently used in everyday life. Mondly promises that the course participants will be able to form their first sentences in the new language very quickly and take part in conversations.

Mondly is available for Android, iOS and browsers

With the “Mondly Summer Offer” you can also simply take your time with each language course, because for the 79.99 euros you have paid you have unlimited access to all available language courses.

Normally, Mondly charges 9.99 euros per month or 47.99 euros per year for just one language. All you need to use Mondly is an iOS or Android device. The Mondly app is available in the Google Play Store (4.6 out of 5 points) and in the Apple App Store (4.8 out of 5 points). Alternatively, Mondly also offers a web app with which you can use the language courses in any browser.

Learn 41 languages ​​for life for EUR 79.99 (one-off payment) – offer only available until the end of July 2022

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