Learn to invest with the RTL Z Stock Game

Want to try out what it’s like to invest in a safe environment without risks and also win great prizes (read: living as a millionaire for a day)? Then play along with the RTL Z Beursspel. From Thursday 28 October we will teach you as a starting investor to invest online and in two Beursspel TV broadcasts (Thursday 9:45 and Friday 9:15) each week.

Investment expert Janneke Willemse explains in her “Investing for Beginners” themes that you as a novice investor should know the best about. In the item ‘The 10 Commandments’, Jim Tehupuring discusses ten things that you should be aware of before going public. And professional investors such as Willem Middelkoop and Martijn Rozemuller have their say in the ‘Smart Investing’ series.

On Monday, November 1, the gong will be sounded on the Beurssplein, the go-ahead for the RTL Z Beursspel. It is already possible to register and practice with €100,000 in play money.

Register here for the Beursspel.

Registration and participation is possible during the entire playing period from Monday 1 November to Friday 10 December. After the RTL Z Beursspel your portfolio remains accessible, so you can continue to practice investing after that time.

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