Lease a 510 hp BMW X3 M Competition for 697 euros a month

As a rule, SUVs are spacious, practical and, above all, suitable for everyday use. This of course also applies to an absolute bestseller from Munich, the BMW X3. However, if M GmbH lays a hand on the SUV, the practical everyday SUV quickly becomes an incredibly versatile sports car. Because thanks to the doubly charged in-line six-cylinder petrol engine, the top model in the X3 series sends no less than 510 hp to all four wheels. As usual with M, the steering, chassis and aerodynamics have of course been adjusted so that the X3 M Competition can put a smile on its owner’s face even on the racetrack. However, there is also a gigantic catch with the sharpened SUV model from Munich, the price. At least 98,200 euros calls on BMW for the recently launched X3 M Competition. Fortunately, you can fulfill your dream of the X3 M Competition even without this amount in your account. Thanks to leasing!
At (cooperation partner of AUTO BILD) private and business customers can now look forward to a preconfigured BMW X3 M Competition with a total value of 113,360 euros. The scope of equipment not only includes a head-up display, adaptive LED headlights and the carbon exterior package, but also the M Drivers’ Package. This increases the top speed of the X3 M Competition to 285 km / h. However, the future M-pilot should also have a little experience when it comes to speed. This is a mandatory requirement for this leasing deal anyway. Since this is a so-called conquest offer, a prerequisite for the good conditions is that you are currently driving a comparable sports car from AMG, RS, Porsche or other premium brands. (Calculate maintenance costs? To compare car insurance!)

510 hp SUV with a shorter delivery time

Private customers pay for the BMW X3 M Competition in leasing with a fixed term of 36 months and also specified 10,000 free kilometers per year 696.99 euros gross per month. You do not have to make a one-off special leasing payment. For this falls next to the Transfer costs of 799 euros and a flat-rate agency fee of 499 euros gross to. That adds up to the Total leasing costs over three years to 26,389.64 euros gross (36 times 696.99 euros plus 1298 euros). For this amount you can buy one or two compact cars, but the sum guarantees a lot of fun in the Über-X3 for three years. In addition, the SUV is an extremely sporty variant to escape the chip crisis and long delivery times. After all, the vehicle should be with the customer two to eight weeks after signing the contract. If the offer is no longer available due to the high demand, there is here is an overview with all interesting leasing deals!

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