Lease a fully electric Kia e-Soul for as little as 125 euros net

The second generation of the compact SUV Kia Soul was already available as an electric vehicle on request, but the Korean has become a fully electric e-Soul with the change to the current, third generation. When ordering, e-Soul buyers can order the SUV in two performance levels. The top version has an output of 150 kW and a 64 kWh battery; But even the entry-level variant with 100 kW and a capacity of 39.2 kWh enables 276 to 407 kilometers of electric driving without stopping at the charging station. Kia is currently asking for at least 40,290 euros gross for this. The Kia e-Soul is currently really cheap to lease!

At (cooperation partner of AUTO BILD), business customers can lease the 100 kW version of the Kia e-Soul in the “Edition 7” equipment variant, which is no longer officially available for order, for 124.93 euros net per month – and compared to the purchase price one save lots of money.

The special payment will be fully reimbursed as an environmental premium

The Kia e-Soul is also eligible for the GHG premium. In order to easily get back a three-digit amount a year, the owner only has to register the payment via a corresponding GHG service provider with the Federal Environment Agency.

Four years and 40,000 kilometers driving e-Soul

The low leasing rate of 124.93 euros net is linked to a contract period of 48 months, and 10,000 kilometers per year are already included. Interested parties can obtain further terms and kilometer quotas on request. After ordering, a one-time payment of EUR 924.37 net (EUR 1100 gross) is due for the transfer of the e-car at the monthly rate. Calculated on leasing, the total costs are 6921.01 euros net (48 times 124.93 euros plus 924.37). The special payment is returned as an environmental bonus.

The available e-Soul models are stock vehicles that have already been built. Therefore, nothing needs to be changed either in the configuration or in the body colour. But apart from the fact that the blue suits the e-Soul perfectly, the “Edition 7” equipment also has a lot to offer. LED headlights, reversing camera, lane departure warning system and automatic climate control are standard equipment. At the time of the order, the e-Soul Edition 7 was listed with a gross price of 35,610 euros.

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