Lease a Mercedes C-Class and get Smart for free

The slightly different kind of leasing deal: being able to do so at the moment Commercial customers at (cooperation partner of AUTO BILD) Mercedes C 180 T-model lease and get a brand new one Smart EQ Fortwo for free receive. No joke! A business and some work are necessary, but then the lessees get it two cars for the price of one. The Mercedes for longer journeys and the electric smart for the city!
The offer has the following key data: The The 170 hp C-Class costs 399.99 euros net per month without a one-time special payment. The contract is overflowing 48 months with 10,000 free kilometers annually. Frequent drivers can get the mileage for an extra 40 euros net (439.99 euros net) per month increase to 20,000 kilometers per year. The equipment of the new C-Class Estate already includes the business package including MBUX, the parking package with reversing camera and the comfort package including seat heating. Further special equipment is available at an additional cost. In this case, the usual provision costs for leasing offers are € 671.43 net (€ 799 gross) for the factory collection in Bremen, resulting in total leasing costs of € 19,870.95 net (€ 399.99 times 48 plus € 671.43). Not necessarily a hammer price, even if this is already the C-Class of the 206 generation. (Calculate maintenance costs? To the car insurance comparison)

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But there is still a second car on top of it. The factory Smart EQ Fortwo, which costs at least 22,400 euros is available free of charge as a practical city runabout. However, this requires a little effort and an advance payment, because that Offer is only valid in conjunction with the current Environmental bonus. That means the lessee 6000 euros as a one-time special payment must do. However, if the application for the environmental premium is correct and timely at the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA), the amount will be fully reimbursed. A condition for full repayment is one Minimum contract term of 24 months. Since the Smart for 36 months is leased for free, there should be no problems here. Nevertheless, the lessee should note that the term of the Smart is one year shorter than that of the C-Class, i.e. the Smart has to be returned after three years and the Mercedes after four years. In addition, they are Free kilometers of the Smart only with 5000 per year specified but for longer distances there is still the C-Class.
Even with the Smart, a one-time fee of 671.43 euros net (799 euros gross) is due for provision, so that in total for both vehicles Total leasing costs of EUR 20,542.38 net (399.99 euros times 48 plus 671.43 euros plus 671.43 euros). Interested parties should also take into account the currently long delivery times: The Mercedes should take seven to nine months and the Smart even eight to ten months. Due to the high demand, the offer may no longer be available at short notice, according to You can find an overview of all interesting leasing deals here!

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