Lease an electrified Ford Kuga for only 108 euros per month

The Ford Kuga is a practical SUV. as plug-in hybrid it shines with 165 kW (225 hp) system performance and is available as standard with the “Cool & Connect” equipment. While the basic Kuga with the Trend equipment starts at 29,150 euros (120 hp petrol engine), the hybrid costs at least 40,500 euros. The Cologne car drives up to 64 kilometers purely electrically and can currently be leased at low cost.
At (cooperation partner of AUTO BILD), business customers can purchase the Ford Kuga Hybrid for around 108 euros net per month lease. As is usual with most hybrid car leasing deals, a one-time special payment of 4500 euros is due. However, this amount will be reimbursed in full if the application for the environmental bonus has been submitted to the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) correctly and in good time.

The prerequisite is a minimum contract period of 24 months, which is fulfilled with the Ford Kuga offer. In addition to a two-year term (EUR 107.62 net), 36 (EUR 128.50 net) or 48 months (EUR 176.57 net) are also possible.

The free kilometers start at 10,000 kilometers. For a surcharge, 15,000 (143.61 euros net), 20,000 (172.22 euros net) and 25,000 (200.83 euros net) kilometers can be selected. (maintenance costs calculate? To the car insurance comparison!)

Drive two years Ford Kuga for 3473 euros

In addition to the monthly rate, there are one-time transfer costs of EUR 890 (EUR 1,059.10 gross). This results in – exclusive environmental bonus – Total leasing costs of 3472.88 euros net (24 times 107.62 plus 890).

In return, customers receive a freely configurable new car that comes standard with parking assistance, a hands-free system, automatic air conditioning, navigation and heated front seats.

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