Lease or buy VW Grand California cheaply

2018 has VW the Grand California presented – a comfortable full-value motorhome above the popular California Bulli variants based on T6. The Grand California has been in two versions offered as 5.98 meter long 600 (from 64,986 euros) and as 6.84 meter long 680 (from 67,408 euros). Both become of the same Two-liter four-cylinder diesel with 177 hp driven, coupled to a Eight-speed automatic. All-wheel drive is also available on request. Since the corona crisis at the latest, the demand for mobile homes has been going through the roof. The consequences: long delivery times and rarely good deals. The current leasing deal for the VW Grand California is all the more attractive!
At (cooperation partner of AUTO BILD) you can Private customers are currently leasing the VW Grand California 600 for an inexpensive EUR 380 gross per month. It will be a one-time special payment of 6,000 euros gross (Down payment) due, but at least this also includes the preparation and approval costs, which can otherwise amount to around 1000 euros. the duration is for a long time 60 months designed so that some trips can be made with the Grand California. Too long distances should not be covered, because the annual free kilometers are 10,000 km, so that 50,000 kilometers can be covered over the entire leasing period. (Calculate maintenance costs? To compare car insurance!)

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With 380 euros gross per month, however, it is not enough, because the offer is only valid in conjunction with a flat-rate maintenance fee, the monthly gross is 29.76 euros. Thus lies the normalized leasing rate (excluding down payment) at 409.76 euros gross per month. In five years the Total leasing costs to EUR 30,585.60 gross (409.76 euros times 60 plus 6000 euros). A lot of money, but on the other hand there is also a versatile motorhome with some equipment highlights – including two large skylights, dinette with dining table, two-place gas cooker, 70-liter refrigerator with freezer compartment, toilet, double bed (193 x 140 cm) and two swivel seats.

The Grand California can also be bought for 55,000 euros

In the AUTO BILD test, it was able to prove that the VW Grand California is a really good motorhome. the Overall grade 1- and the conclusion speak for themselves: “The big one drives great, pampers with a restrained interior, relaxed with simple operation and looks high-quality. A well thought-out, safe motorhome.” As an alternative to the leasing offer, the Grand California can also be purchased from the cooperation partner for 55,000 euros can be bought, which corresponds to a price advantage of 9986 euros. Due to high demand, the offer may no longer be available at short notice, according to You can find an overview of all interesting leasing deals here!

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