Lease the 320 hp VW Arteon R for 349 euros

The VW Arteon R Shooting Brake comes with 320 hp and is therefore a real athlete. It only needs 4.9 seconds for the standard sprint and can reach speeds of up to 270 km/h. But in addition to its ability to sprint fast, it also offers plenty of storage space: its trunk has a capacity of 565 liters. Of course, an all-round talent also has its price. The Arteon R shooting brake starts at 63,515 euros. Business customers can currently avoid this sum thanks to an attractive leasing offer.

Four years of VW Arteon R drive for 17,651 euros

In addition, there is a one-off payment for the transfer costs of EUR 899.16 net (EUR 1,070 gross). This results in total leasing costs of 17,651.16 euros net (48 times 349 euros plus 899.16 euros). This offer is for a freely configurable new car.

The standard equipment includes alloy wheels, panoramic glass roof, sports seats, cruise control, DSG, massage seats, voice control, sports suspension, all-wheel drive and LED daytime running lights. The packages “Business-Premium”, “Top” and the navigation system “Discover Pro” are also included. Including the special equipment, the buto list price is 71,650 euros.

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