Lease the all-electric Dacia Spring Electric for 78 euros

With the brand’s first electric car, Dacia has shown that doing without combustion engines does not necessarily have to be expensive. Because the prices for the Spring Electric, as the slightly higher electric model is called, start at 22,550 euros. There is only a comparatively meager 33 kW (44 hp) and a range of up to 230 kilometers – but that’s easily enough for most everyday uses. Especially when it comes to short, official distances. The electric Romanian also did well in the AUTO BILD test.

Especially in terms of value for money, many competitors are likely to be jealous of the Romanian brand. Because the extremely low purchase price for an electric car is put into perspective once again if you don’t buy the Spring Electric, but simply lease it. Then there are rates that even many small cars with combustion engines cannot offer.

Dacia Spring Electric for 78.09 euros net per month

At (cooperation partner of AUTO BILD), business customers can currently lease the Dacia Spring Electric for just EUR 78.09 net per month. As is usual with most electric car leasing deals, a one-time special payment of 6,000 euros is due. However, this amount will be reimbursed in full if the application for the environmental premium has been submitted to the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) correctly and in good time. This is possible because the Dacia is scheduled to be delivered in December 2022 and can still be registered in good time before the environmental premium drops. Another requirement for funding is a minimum contract period of 24 months, which is met with the Dacia deal.
In terms of leasing parameters, commercial customers are variable. The electric car can be leased for at least 24 and a maximum of 48 months, the included free kilometers start at 5000 km per year and can be increased to up to 30,000 km per year. (Calculate maintenance costs? To compare car insurance!)

GHG premium also possible for e-car leasing

The all-electric Dacia Spring also qualifies for the GHG premium, which also applies to leased vehicles. In order to easily get back a three-digit amount a year, the owner only has to register this with the Federal Environment Agency.

Two years for less than 3000 euros

Customers who lease the Dacia for a period of 24 months and do not move more than 5,000 kilometers a year receive the cheapest monthly rate of EUR 78.09 net. There are also one-time transfer costs of 1195 euros gross. This results in total leasing costs of 2878.36 euros net (24 times 78.09 euros plus 1004.20 euros) taking into account the full environmental bonus.

But there is an electric vehicle suitable for everyday use with a quite respectable standard equipment. In addition to a reversing camera, air conditioning and a touchscreen, a sound system with DAB radio and a navigation system are also standard.
The non-binding delivery time is four months, which means that the Dacia Spring Electric could be registered this year (and with the chance of the full environmental bonus). According to, the offer may no longer be available at short notice due to high demand. An overview of all interesting leasing deals can be found here!

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