Lease the compact crossover Ford Puma for 189 euros a month

From 1997 to 2001 Ford first offered the Puma, a sports coupe on a Fiesta platform. After the hoped-for success did not materialize, the series was sorted out again. At least until 2019, because then the Puma experienced a revival. The former coupé became a compact crossover. And the mixture of SUV and coupé seems to be more in tune with the times than the original Puma. That is probably also due to the modern engine range of the current Puma. In addition to a four-cylinder diesel with 120 hp, the turbocharged three-cylinder petrol engine with up to 200 hp ensures driving pleasure.
The fact that Puma buyers have to do without an all-wheel drive only bothered to a limited extent. There are two power levels of the three-cylinder gasoline engine with mild hybrid system, which should ensure low consumption. In addition to a striking design, the new Puma also offers modern technology. However, this is also noticeable in the purchase price. The starting price is 21,590 euros, but now and then you can save a lot of money with cheap leasing offers. For example, the Ford Puma is currently available for 189 euros a month (gross).
At (cooperation partner of AUTO BILD) you can Private customers the 125 hp Ford Puma 1.0 EcoBoost Hybrid in the chic “ST-Line X” equipment variant already Lease from 189 euros gross per month. One one-time special payment is not necessaryto realize the cheap monthly rate. The Ford Puma is an already configured model, which accordingly cannot be further customized. The parameters of the leasing are also fixed. To get the Puma for 189 euros per month, private customers have to buy the model for a term of 48 months lease. the annual mileage is 10,000 kilometers and cannot be further adjusted either. (Calculate maintenance costs? To compare car insurance!)

Ford Puma with numerous extras

As already mentioned, the Puma model offered at is fully configured and cannot be further adapted. In view of the lavish ST-Line X equipment variant, this is really not necessary. The Puma not only drives up with the 125 hp mild hybrid petrol engine and a seven-speed dual clutch transmission, the comfort features are also impressive. The Ford SYNC 3 Light infotainment system with touchscreen is standard equipment, and the reversing camera always ensures a perfect view to the rear. LED headlights, a driver assistance package and the winter package leave nothing to be desired. Private customers who find this package attractive have to pay the transfer costs in addition to the monthly costs of 189 euros. Thus the total leasing costs amount to 9,972 euros gross (189 euros times 48 months plus 990 euros). The delivery time is given as approximately 20 weeks. Due to high demand, the offer may no longer be available at short notice, according to You can find an overview of all interesting leasing deals here!

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