Lease the Skoda Octavia Combi as a plug-in for 139 euros a month

Are you looking for a station wagon, but the compact class is just too small for you? Then he could Skoda Octavia Combi iV be the vehicle of choice. The Czech is considered to be Cross-border commuters to the middle class and benefits from proven VW Golf technology from the Volkswagen Group. With a Trunk volume of up to 1555 liters the station wagon not only swallows the luggage for the weekend trip, but it can also bring the result of the visit to the furniture store home safely. Skoda itself offers the Octavia Combi as a plug-in hybrid with an MSRP of 37,640 euros; the Czechs are leasing them at attractive terms. This is also the case with (cooperation partner of AUTO BILD): The Octavia Combi is currently available as a plug-in hybrid with 204 hp and an electric range of over 60 km according to WLTP from 139 euros gross per month for private customers. Commercial customers receive the Czechs from 63 euros net. (Calculate maintenance costs? Click here for the AUTO BILD insurance calculator.)
It pays to be quick with this leasing deal, because the contingent of vehicles is limited. From 139 euros gross per month, private customers can lease the Skoda Octavia Combi as a 1.4 TSI iV from The contract has a term of 24 months, but can also be extended at an additional cost. 10,000 inclusive kilometers is offered by the lessor within the framework of the favorable conditions; here, too, an increase is possible for a higher monthly rate. Since this offer is a plug-in hybrid vehicle, a Special payment of 4500 euros due. It is located exactly as high as that BAFA environmental bonus – Customers have to pay in advance and can get the money back from the state after registering the vehicle. A one-off cost of 999 euros is also due for the transfer and 140 euros for the admission. Overall, the Octavia costs 4475 euros over the 24-month term (after deducting the environmental bonus).

Order vehicle with full freedom of choice in terms of equipment

As far as the equipment is concerned, the Octavia offers everything that is listed in the price list – because the vehicle offered is an order vehicle. For a surcharge, the lessee has full freedom of choice in terms of features and functions. However, there are already basic comfort features such as two-zone air conditioning or height-adjustable front seats. If you want the full package of infotainment and assistants, you can book the travel package for an additional 46 euros per month. Due to the high demand, the offer may no longer be available at short notice, according to You can find an overview of all interesting leasing deals here!

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