Lease the Skoda Octavia Combi for as little as 218 euros per month

You can hardly go wrong with a station wagon from Skoda. The Octavia Combi, for example, is available in seven different model variants — from the Active to the RS. In the base, the Octavia drives up with 110 hp, the RS brings 245 hp to the road as a petrol engine and plug-in hybrid. Of course, space is more important than horsepower in a station wagon. The trunk holds up to 640 liters when the rear seats are not folded down.

The price starts at 25,190 euros for the basic equipment and is already 42,430 euros for the RS. The Octavia Tour with DSG from the leasing deal is in between: 115 hp and a list price of 34,900 euros. However, business customers can avoid this sum thanks to the attractive leasing offer!

218 euros net monthly leasing rate

At (cooperation partner of AUTO BILD), business customers can currently lease the Skoda Octavia Combi for 218 euros net per month. The favorable rate is due to a contract period of 48 months and a free kilometer allowance of 10,000 km. A term of 36 months (EUR 239 net) can also be selected as an option.
If 10,000 kilometers a year is not enough for you, you can upgrade the package to 40,000 free kilometers in increments of 5,000. With a term of 48 months, the leasing customer would then have to pay 327 euros net per month. (Calculate maintenance costs? To compare car insurance!)

Four years of Skoda Octavia drive for 11,346 euros

In addition, there is a one-time payment of the transfer costs of EUR 881.51 net (EUR 1,049 gross). With a term of four years, the total leasing costs are 11,345.51 euros net (48 times 218 euros plus 881.51 euros).

There is a freely configurable new car for this. The Octavia from this deal comes with a metallic paint finish and the “Business Columbus” infotainment package. This includes features such as lane departure warning, driving profile selection, traffic sign recognition and voice control. The Octavia Combi Tour is also equipped with parking assistance, automatic air conditioning, navigation and heated front seats as standard.

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