Lease the VW ID.5 Pro at attractive conditions

the VW ID.5 can be ordered now! the sporty brother of the ID.4 is at the market launch in Spring 2022 in two versions as ID.5 Pro with 128 kW (174 PS) and as ID.5 Pro Performance with 150 kW (204 PS) available. Both variants of the electric SUV coupe offer one maximum electric range of 523 kilometers, but cost different amounts. During the Base price of the ID.5 Pro at 46,515 euros are, for the ID.5 Pro Performance at least 47,550 euros due. in the leasing However, the new VW ID.5 is always repeated even before the official market launch at attractive conditions accessible!
A few weeks ago we reported about a deal in which private customers can lease the VW ID.5 Pro for 279 euros gross per month. There is currently also an offer for Commercial customers, where the ID.5 Pro for 222 euros net per month is to be had. Again, there will be a one-time special payment of 6,000 euros due, which must be provided by the lessee as an advance payment. However, if the application for the environmental premium is correct and timely at the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA), the amount will be reimbursed. A requirement for a full repayment is one Minimum contract term of two yearswhich is fulfilled in the ID.5 deal. Whoever wants can SUV coupe also lease for 36 (226 euros net) or 48 months (222 euros net). (Maintenance costs calculate? To the car insurance comparison)


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the Free kilometers are common with leasing 10,000 a year specified. Optionally, 15,000 (246 euros net) or 20,000 free kilometers (270 euros net) annually are also possible. Alternatively, you can also charge for 11.42 cents per additional kilometer. Regardless of the running time and the free kilometers, one-time provision costs of EUR 747.90 net (EUR 890 gross) are due. This results in the best case Total leasing costs of 6075.90 euros net (222 euros times 24 plus 747.90 euros). In return, commercial customers get an electric car with a range of more than 500 kilometers and good equipment. Standard on board are: parking aid, traffic sign recognition, GPS “Discover Pro” including Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, LED headlights, Automatic air conditioning including stationary air conditioning, 19-inch rims and more. the non-binding delivery time of the freely configurable new vehicle is provided by the leasing partner seven to nine months on. Due to high demand, the offer may no longer be available at short notice, according to You can find an overview of all interesting leasing deals here!

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