Lease the VW Tiguan for 219 euros net – without delivery time!

Reliable and spacious – that’s how you can describe the VW Tiguan in a nutshell. In the AUTO BILD endurance test over 125,000 kilometers, the Tiguan impressed and was rewarded with the grade 1-. The SUV comes with numerous engines and equipment lines. The top model, the VW Tiguan R, impresses with its 320 hp, but costs at least 61,920 euros, almost twice as much as the basic model (30,625 euros).

If you don’t want to be on the road with the absolute basic Tiguan and value a little more comfort, then the Tiguan Life is the right choice. With the 150 hp 1.5 TSI petrol engine, you can get off to a good start. A sprint up to 203 km/h is also possible. This model costs 34,445 euros. But it is cheaper with the current leasing offer!

The VW Tiguan comes without any delivery time

At (cooperation partner of AUTO BILD), business customers have the opportunity to lease the VW Tiguan Life 1.5 TSI for 219 euros net per month. Customers receive the cheapest rate per month with a contract period of 48 months and an annual free kilometer allowance of 10,000 km.

But terms of 36 (224 euros net) or 24 months (253 euros net) are also possible. And if 10,000 kilometers per year is not enough for you, you can increase the mileage to 15,000 or 20,000 km.

Big bonus with this deal: The vehicle is not subject to any delivery time and can be taken away immediately! (maintenance costs to calculate? To the car insurance comparison!)

Two years VW Tiguan drive for 6904 euros

In addition to the monthly leasing rate, there is a one-time payment of the transfer costs of EUR 831.93 net (EUR 990 gross). No deposit is required for this offer. In the most favorable case, this results in total leasing costs of 6903.93 euros net (24 times 253 euros plus 831.93 euros).

In addition, the car is painted in white (“pure white”) and comes with the winter package. With this equipment, the gross list price of the Tiguan is 37,480 euros.

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