Leasing deal: lease a new VW Caddy from 159 euros a month!

Lease a new VW Caddy from 159 euros a month

After the prices, VW is now also announcing leasing offers for the Caddy. They start at 159 euros per month for business customers. Private people only pay a little more!

D.he new VW Caddy takes a big step towards the passenger car. Due to the MQB basis, it dispenses with leaf springs at the rear and instead uses coil springs. Instead of classic instruments, a digital cockpit is optionally available. Nevertheless, there is of course also the craftsman’s favorite as a pure utility vehicle called “Cargo” with a closed box body. And the is now available for commercial customers at favorable leasing conditions from 159 euros per month!
The offer applies to the “EcoProfi” special model with a short wheelbase, which comes with an electric parking brake, electric exterior mirrors and window regulators. On the drive side, the two-liter diesel in the 75 HP version with manual transmission is on board. The 159 euros per month do not include VAT and special payments, transport and registration costs are also added. The leasing period is 48 months with 10,000 kilometers of mileage per year.

No down payment for private customers

There is space for a Euro pallet in the cargo area of ​​the Caddy. The storage space is 3.3 cubic meters.

Also VW has offers for private customers. For pre-orderers, the offers start at 199 euros per month. The price example is the short version of the five-seater Caddy Kombi with 102 hp diesel and manual transmission. VAT is already included in this monthly rate. Best of all, there is no need to pay a deposit. The offer is valid until November 21, 2020. If you want to use the long version, you have to be patient. In the months that followed, VW Commercial Vehicles was gradually adding further variants and equipment lines to the Caddy. (Click here for the configurator!)

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